Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Pony Club

Did you know that you can join The Pony Club even if you don't have a pony of your own?

Membership is open to boys and girls up to 21 years of age and there are almost 40,000 Pony Club Members in Great Britain who belong either to one of the 357 Branches or 260 Centres. Pony Club membership offers fun, friendship, training, events and competitions.

If you haven't got your own pony you can join one of the 260 Centres linked to The Pony Club in Great Britain, you pay an  annual subscription and receive instruction at a linked Riding Centre, the subscription gives you Membership of the Club and 3rd party insurance. You'll be encouraged to learn more about riding and horse and pony care and improve your knowledge by working toward gaining Achievement Badges (there are 20 covering a range of subjects) and Pony Club Tests.

Find out more about The Pony Club by visiting the website

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